Know the artist. Know the art.
Photo by Joanne S. Lawton, Washington Business Journal

Recognized as “a gallery alternative” in the Washington Business Journal , we host open studio events, lectures, pop-up exhibits and offer in-home consultations for the artists we represent.
  • veryone has room for art in their lives. What we think is missing from the marketplace is an inviting, inclusive space for art lovers and art makers to connect. More approachable than a traditional gallery, more personal than a website, Studio E Partners, run by seasoned marketing professionals and personal art collectors Edith Graves and Elisabeth Hayes, creates pop-up galleries and hosts events in artist’s studios, private homes, warehouse spaces and retail venues across the country. We’re about making art more accessible. By reinventing the experience of understanding and collecting art, we’ve brought art into the lives of art collectors as well as those who thought art collecting was for other people. If this approach to knowing the artist and their art appeals to you, join us for an upcoming event or contact us to learn more.

meet the partners

When most kids her age were playing tag or watching cartoons, Edith Graves was gripping a pencil at the kitchen table, trying to render a set of measuring spoons.

"My father would have impromptu family drawing sessions with all five kids. I loved to draw portraits; I would spend hours studying my eye or ear in a mirror to get it just right."

Appreciating art was genetic -- Edith's father, a nationally recognized architect, was also a painter and cartoonist; her mother was a noted clothing and interior designer.

"My family counted many artists as friends; the art they collected was created by people we knew and admired. My parents would often host exhibits at home; they loved sharing their collection with friends."

Edith also holds a degree in art history. While she ultimately decided against making her living as an artist, she knew she wanted to work in a creative environment.

"For the past 30 years I've worked in a marketing capacity in architecture firms, graphic design firms and corporations in Boston, New York and now Washington DC. I've been given the opportunity to meet amazing talent and learn valuable marketing, networking and problem solving skills."

And, she's carried on the tradition of uniting artists and collectors, which is what Studio E Partners is all about. "I've always loved connecting people and art…it's what I've been doing for the last 20 years."

Much about Elisabeth Hayes' taste in art has matured, but some pieces take up space in your heart and just stay. "My parents gave me my first piece of art when I was just 13. It's a print called 'What A Bird!' and it hangs in my bedroom to this day."

Like her partner Edith, Elisabeth was always an art lover and an art history student, but her ambitions took her down a different path—one that led to a career in financial services including roles in event planning, public relations and corporate communications.

It's a career built on the value of communication and connecting with an audience, precisely the skill set that makes Elisabeth a natural matchmaker for artists and collectors.

The relevance of that connection isn't lost on Elisabeth. "The first major piece my husband and I bought is still our favorite. I remember asking the gallery for more information about the artist; all they had to give me was a photocopy of an article. I've always wished we could have met in person, because I know that piece would mean even more to me."

As Elisabeth's collection has grown, so has her connection with the artists who make the art. A piece bought in Key West was purchased after Elisabeth met the artist, who shared her story and treated Elisabeth to a private gallery tour. "I'm nostalgic about her work because of the personal connection."

"What I love most about this new venture is that it brings together my passion for art, marketing and connecting people. Studio E Partners is a natural outgrowth of Edith's and my combined interest in art and marketing."

Collectors Perspective

"Several of my favorite pieces of art are from artists I know. They are special because they not only represent growth and progression as artists, but also an extension of a long time friendship. That's a beautiful combination."


"In an era where the web and media are most of what we see, it is important to be surrounded by personal connections. Art by an artist who you know represents such a connection and it adds to your history and the story can be passed down to the next generation."


"I love telling the story behind the piece we purchased from an artist at their open studio. It stands out in a palpable way in our home and I know no one else can 'own' that same experience."


"When you purchase a piece of work directly from an artist, it's as if they have entrusted you with it, and you feel the weight and honor of ownership. Interestingly, people who visit our home seem to pick up on the unique richness of the piece—even if they don't know the story behind it."